Texas Comedies performs irreverent musical comedies about famous and infamous events in Texas. Feuds, gangsters, boomtowns and the Texas Revolution – all with a live band.
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The Feud. The Civil War is over, but the fighting rages on in 1870s Texas. In this one-hour musical comedy, a beleaguered army officer stands between an outlaw family and a band of vigilantes, while a wronged woman seeks her own kind of twisted justice. Review

Bonnie & Clyde: A Musical Comedy.
In this irreverent new musical comedy about the notorious Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, a man obsessed with Bonnie joins the lawmen pursuing the  gang.  Based on Ted Hinton’s memoir, as well as newspaper stories of the 1930s.    Article

Set in Texas, this one-hour musical comedy tells the true story of the fight between the “Drys” and the “Wets.” This show explores the epic struggle that dragged in Temperancers, doughboys, suffragettes and gangsters, and culminated in a notorious era of criminality and vice.  Article




Murder & Moontowers. Set in the Texas capital in the 1880s in the midst of the crime spree, a modernizing mayor pushes for changes to the town, including the Moonlight Towers that still exist in Austin today. Article


A rowdy musical comedy about how Borger, Texas became the most “lawless oil town in America.” In the 1920s, wildcat oil strikes, sudden wealth and the 18th Amendment gave rise to folk heroes, villains, and lawless new townships. Article


Alamo Aftermath
. This musical comedy follows the story of Antonio Menchaca, who fought at San Jacinto, and went on to fight for Tejano land rights. The story describes the Runaway Scrape and the Battle of San Jacinto.